$20.20 Play Together Campaign

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A letter from the Director…

Dear Museum Friends,                                                         December, 2020

As we close out the year we are grateful to have our doors open and we look
forward to the day when life returns to normal. So much has changed but
certainly not the need for children to play and for families to play together.
Our children have adjusted brilliantly, they wear masks, they stay in their
groups (mostly) and they try to follow the “one-way signs”. I am
happy to say, they are not afraid of my mask, and we have all learned to smile
with our eyes.

There is a story about the museum that we have not done a good job telling
and in 2020 we see its importance more and more each day. Most people think of
us as a safe, fun, educational play space and we are all of those things. In reality
however, we are much more to people who really need us.

Until I worked here, I did not realize just how many families and children
the museum supports on a daily basis. We offer reduced memberships and admissions
to all of our military families. We charge a nominal fee for families receiving
benefits for housing or food insecurity. For families that do not qualify for benefits
and for whom the cost of admission is just not in the budget, we offer
scholarships for membership. Recently we have partnered with home school
families and offer free admission to the “teacher”.

Last year, we developed an experimental partnership with the Department of
Children and Families to subsidize admissions for children in our foster care
system. Whether the children come with their foster parent, a social worker, or
they are on a supervised visit with their biological parents, it is a privilege
to watch families heal… to see children laugh and play with abandon.

The ACM (Association of Children’s Museums) has reported that more than 30% of our nations
children’s museums will never re-open
and if they have they may not
remain open.  We are NOT going to be part of that statistic and we hope that if you can help
us, you will.  Cape Cod Children’s Museum has proudly served the families of Cape Cod for over 30 years and we plan to do so for another 30!

This year we are celebrating 20 years in our Mashpee location, the party of 2020 did not go exactly as planned. This $20.20 Play Together campaign is more important now than we ever could have imagined.  

I love to wear my jacket with the Cape Cod Children’s Museum logo because I
cannot go anywhere without someone saying, “ohhh, I love that place”, “I used to
take my kids there” or “We had my child’s birthday party there”.  Hundreds of thousands of children and families have visited our museum, please donate as many $20.20’s as you can so
we can be here for the next generation of childhood memories.  Click here to Donate!

Thank you, Happy Holidays and here is to a happy, HEALTHY NEW YEAR,

Lisa Bates, Executive Director, Cape Cod Children’s Museum