Dear Members,

We are first and foremost a Cape Cod museum and the needs of our local families is always our priority. Over the last couple of years we have revamped our business model to be less reliant on outside funding/grants and more on admissions and memberships. This model enabled us to turn around a struggling museum and even set aside for the first time a rainy day fund. Who could have imagined that there would be a monsoon almost immediately.

Unfortunately the timing of this closure could not be worse as we earn enough revenue during the summer months to carry us throughout the year. As a non-profit, we do rely on the generosity of our local businesses, patrons and friends and today we would like to ask you, our members, to help if you can. We have put forward the following three options for you to consider based on your personal circumstances. We know that some sectors of our population have been devastated while others have not or were only mildly affected. Please do what is best for your family and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.


Option One: For families who have active memberships during our closure, PLEASE CONTACT the museum if you would like us to extend your membership for up to three months. Email me directly at with your full name, phone number and date of expiration if you know it. Please indicate how many months you would like added to the end of your membership (maximum of three). We will NOT be automatically adding these months to your membership and you must contact us no later than August 31, 2020.

Option Two: For families who have active memberships and are able to gift back the extended months to the museum, we would be most grateful. As you can imagine, our months without revenue will be exacerbated by the additional renewal memberships moved three months into the future. To do this, you don’t have to do anything just let your membership continue as it has and renew it when it expires. I would love however to personally thank you, so if you do decide to forego the additional months, please send me a note at

Option Three: If your membership expired during the corona virus shut down, we would like to offer you the opportunity to renew your membership with ONE extra month added on (13 months for the price of 12). You must make your renewal membership purchase by AUGUST 31, 2020.

Whichever option you choose we want you back when we open, we value our members and we hope you know how vital your membership dollars are to the success of the museum especially for those families who require assistance to attend. All children deserve to play. Thank you for your patience and consideration of our membership options.

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Association of Children’s Museums Reciprocal Membership

If you purchase a Cape Cod or Ocean Membership Pass, you also receive the benefits offered by the participating ACM museum. More information and a list of museums can be found here (Please call ahead to the museum you are visiting to be sure of their policies, hours, etc…)

Cape Cod Children’s Museum requires the following for our reciprocal membership guests:

  • Your membership card from the other museum
  • The membership card must have either the ACM logo and have an expiration date in the future.
  • A government issued photo ID that matches the name of the adult on the membership card.

We know that word of mouth works and we are so grateful to all of our members for doing so that we want to extend your membership. Please tell your friends to mention you by name when purchasing their membership and we will add a FREE MONTH to yours!